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Категория: Переводы и другие языки

Стихотворение: Stormbound


Through the loss of time, gone into the darkness,
In the crude gust of wind, blankets the earth,
From the mountains of Soriass,
I came, the rider of the devil.
Easily carried over the high mountains,
Flying into the distance the rain and wind.
The destructive power of evil thoughts
From the forest trolls sweeps away all in the dust!
Quick hurricane these dark forces
On the way for the gold of deceptive place
Left traces of downstream
Their stonecutter.
We overflowed this wealth.
So well timeless Twilight
As a star in untold jewels!
This sweeps forward into the darkness of the night
The thoughts of ancient times.
Rose to heaven, wandering
Endlessly many times recalled
Gale of black abode.
Suddenly, abruptly flew from the mountains here,
He meant to open up at night and attack
In the darkness, like a cloud over the spire
for that day was delayed in transit,
Bright burst of light like lightning!
Grief was defeated in the whole district.
All cities and towns people
Filled with songs of praise and celebration.
-Авторские Права: Стиан Shagrath Торесен.

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