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- ,,Spring introduction''
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,,Spring introduction''(english_album_version) Text by: Artem Vityuk Album: ,,Spring intoduction''(single)(2013) ************************* Intro: Dancing in the Sky! Dancing in the Sky!hey! Dancing in the Sky! Sky,sky... 1 verse Each of us have own dreams! Everyone has their fears! Secret is not revealed to everyone,but everyone has their secrets...treasures which hidden in my heart... Chorus: Eh-eh-hey!eh-eh-hey! I embrance you very much. I do not want to lose you! Hey!! I am with you and our love... We born in passion! Eh-eh-hey!eh-eh-hey! In the sunday the rain's! Hey!! 2 verse Spring the send,but not for us. Spring to go,just in front of us. The light the vanished world of cruelty,pain in the world i fear... But everyone has their secrets... Chorus(2) Refrain: hey!!hey!! Do not ask! Hey!!hey!! Do not look! Hey!!hey!! And do not ask... Hey!!! Chorus.
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